CT SCAN – Arthrogram

An Arthrogram is a diagnostic test which examines the inside of a joint (e.g. shoulder, knee, wrist, ankle) to assess an injury or a symptom you may be experiencing.

The test is done by first injecting contrast medium, air and/or water directly into the joint which outlines the soft tissue structures (e.g. ligaments and cartilage) of the joint and makes them clearer to see on the CT scan.

Depending on what clinical question needs to be answered, determines the type and number of scans we perform.

The following link is an excellent resource provided by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® for both Patients and Clinicians about radiology examinations. Please take the time to have a read of this before your examination.


Below are a few further guidelines specific to our practice.


PRIOR to your booking time:

  • please arrive 15 mins early
  • please bring any previous imaging of the area being examined
  • If you have not had an x-ray of the area previous to this examination generally, one will be required on the day.


We understand having a medical procedure can sometimes be a confusing and worrisome time. We are here to help you, so if you are unsure about any aspect relating to your examination, please raise your concerns with us at any time and we will do our best to assist you.

Although we are happy to answer questions, you will need to discuss the results of your procedure directly with your referrer.

Your Images and Report

It is important that you make an appointment to return to your doctor after your visit with us. Whether the results are normal or abnormal, your doctor needs to correlate this with other information for further management.

Depending on your referrer’s preference(s), a copy of the report and images will be sent directly to your referring doctor within 2 business days. You may also be given a copy of your images on film or CD for your own records.

In urgent circumstances, our specialist will speak with your doctor directly by telephone the same day of your examination.

Digital copies of all studies are stored on our secured database for comparison with any future examinations.