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Are you looking to get a CT Scan at a clinic in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter? Here at In Focus Radiology, we perform CT Scans for a range of different examinations including abdomen and pelvis, CT angiography, chest, head and neck, spine, bones and joints.

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What is a CT Scan?

The computed tomography (CT) scan is a medical imaging procedure that uses x-rays and digital computer technology to create cross-sectional images of the body. We can use the data collected to recreate images in any plane as well as 3D images. We are able to use various techniques to image most structures within the body.

Depending on what clinical question needs to be answered, will determine the type and number of scans we perform. Some CT scans also requires an injection of contrast. IV Contrast is an iodine-based clear substance that is given via a needle in the arm. It is used to help show blood vessels, better visualise some organs and assist with the diagnosis of pathology. When you arrive for your examination you will be given further information regarding this.

The following link is an excellent resource provided by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® for both Patients and Clinicians. Please take the time to have a read of this before your examination:

What does this mean for you?

Our scanners combined with our industry leading techniques can reduce your radiation exposure by 60-80% compared with other scanners. All of our CT staff are highly skilled professionals that possess a vast amount of experience. They are trained to apply the correct parameters and techniques to achieve the fine balance between high quality diagnostic images whilst using the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) principal to minimise radiation exposure to our patients.

For further information about X-Rays and radiation, please follow the link Radiation Risk Information provided by insideradiology.com.au

Helpful information:

Below is a short list of preparations for our common CT examinations. For more detailed information, please click on your examination from the list below:

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We understand that medical procedures can sometimes be overwhelming, but please feel free to call our friendly staff to discuss any of your questions or concerns ahead of your appointment.

Please note that although we are happy to answer questions, you will need to discuss the results of your procedure directly with your referrer.