OPG and Cephalogram

This is a dental examination which uses X-Rays to assess tooth position, tooth decay, infection, tumours and/or fractures.


You do not need to make a booking for this examination. Please note we only perform these examinations at our Belmont office.


If you are a Medicare Card or DVA Card holder, you examination is 100% bulk billed. i.e. there is no out-of-pocket expense.

If your examination relates to a Workers Compensation Claim or Third Party Insurance Claim, please bring the following information with you:-

  • Date of injury
  • Workers Compensation Claim:
    Employer’s Name & Address
    and Contact Name & Telephone Number at your workplace
  • Insurance Company Details:
    Name & Address of Insurance Company
  • Claim Number
  • Claims Manager & his/her Contact Number.

Overseas Visitors are encouraged to call one of our practices to discuss payment options prior to booking an appointment.


There is no preparation for this examination.

You may be asked to remove any jewellery from and around the area to be examined.

Please bring any previous images with you.


This examination will take between 5-15 minutes.

What to Expect and Risks Involved

The following link is an excellent resource provided by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® for both Patients and Clinicians about radiology examinations. Please take the time to have a read of this before your examination.

Plain Radiography/X-rays

Radiation Risk of Medical Imaging for Adults and Children


We understand having a medical procedure can sometimes be a confusing and worrisome time. We are here to help you, so if you are unsure about any aspect relating to your examination, please raise your concerns with us at any time and we will do our best to assist you.

Your Images and Report

It is important that you make an appointment to return to your doctor after your visit with us. Whether they are normal or abnormal, your doctor needs to correlate your results with other information for further management.

Depending on your referrer’s preference(s), a copy of the report and images will be sent directly to your referring doctor within 2 business days. You will also be given a copy of your images on film or CD for your own records.

In urgent circumstances, our specialist will speak with your doctor directly by telephone the same day of your examination.