Delivery of Reports and Images

In Focus Radiology is able to have your patient’s reports and images delivered automatically to your Practice Management Software system using a combination of Medical Objects and Medinexus.

The benefits are:

  • No cost to the referrer or patient
  • Simple to use
  • Quick, reliable and convenient
  • Works like pathology reports and your current electronic downloads of reports
  • View key images and reports without storing images on your system
If you run Best Practice, Genie or Medical Director you may already be able to access this feature.
Don’t use a clinical system? or Away from your clinical system?
Access your patient’s reports and images anywhere, any time at your convenience
  • Use any web browser on PC or Apple – no installation of software required
  • Use mobile devices such as iPad and iPhone – apps available for free download
  • Images DO NOT take up space on your computer or mobile device
For further information, please give us a call or contact us HERE to find out how we can get this service operating for you today.