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Bulk billed for most Medicare eligible services

Bulk Billed Ultrasound*

Musculoskeletal, abdominal, joint injections, obstetric* scans and many more available at our local practices.


What Is An Ultrasound?

Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images. The sound waves are transmitted into your body from a small handpiece called an ultrasound probe. Some of these waves are reflected by different structures within your body and processed by the ultrasound machine to form pictures. These pictures are shown on a computer monitor and recorded.

Ultrasound has been around for about 60 years now and studies have shown that is a safe technique with no harmful side effects.

The following link is an excellent resource provided by The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists® for both Patients and Clinicians about radiology examinations. Please take the time to read this before your examination:

Ultrasound Preparation Requirements

Depending on the type of examination you are having, there may be some preparation involved. For specific preparation requirements, click on the type of scan you are booked in for:

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*We Bulk Bill most Medicare eligible services. There is a small out of pocket fee for some highly specialised services, including Obstetric 12 week (Nuchal Translucency) and 18 week (Morphology) scans.

If you are unsure, please speak with one of our friendly staff members prior to your appointment.

What To Expect During Your Ultrasound Exam At In Focus:

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We understand that medical procedures can sometimes be overwhelming, but please feel free to call our friendly staff to discuss any of your questions or concerns ahead of your appointment.

Please note that although we are happy to answer questions, you will need to discuss the results of your procedure directly with your referrer.